I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this song. The combination of
instrumentals and timing makes this song breathe. There's life and its
flowing. Its amazing while listening to the song a lot of my worries
disappeared. I didn't think about my crippling student loan debt once
during the song. After? Well, that's another story. Sounds like a
classic, probably a classic.

The sax in this song is moving, artful, amazing! Usually, jazz like this isn't my jam, 
but the swinging rhythm of this song is truly unique. The sax speaks without words, 
with the little drums as a backup voice. It's like they're having a conversation with their
instruments which is really amazing.

I love the abruptness of the instruments. This song makes me want to
dance around because the band sounds so great preforming this. I love
the energy that they have with this piece. I have performed jazz before
and it makes me miss being on stage performing. 10 out of 10!

What a great jazz track! This is a classic jazz track. This track sound
like the musicians are just jamming together and coming up with this on
the spot, it is very well composed. All the instruments merge together
really well. I would listen to this track and artist again and this is
perfect bar, tv or film music.

Nice hook line! I love the intro. Recording is lovely! There is lovely
dynamic, specifically from the intro into the first movement. The
synthesizer is refreshingly subtle. It adds depth without overwhelming
the other instruments. The recording work is really beautifully done;
the mix is crisp and warm, and the dynamic is captured without being
overwhelming. The transition to the slightly funk-esque movement after
the guitar lead is lots if fun. Overall very nice!

Wow. I ejoyed it very much. I was so excited to hear each time a new
instrument or tune came in. I could listen to this forever. There is so
much energy in the music and its very well put together. Very talented
artist and I would be looking for more.


Very relaxing music. When I'm stressed out , I would listen to these kind
of songs just to take my mind off things. This song definitely makes me
feel alive and actually makes me think of things in the past. The music
is very melodic and relaxing. Would recommend this to my friends and

I think these instrumentals are absolutely beautiful and genuinely one
of the best things I've heard in a long time. They're simple and sweet,
and have a very soothing and lovely effect on you as a listener. I
honestly cannot fault this song at all.

A richly instrumented and adeptly crafted instrumental jazz track. It
opens with dulcet tonal intervals that give way to a skilled lead
saxophonist. It is a well produced and recorded track. Its score is well

composed with a good arrangement. It has well crafted leads, fills, and


I enjoy the roll of the snare and the insane clarinet solo! Concert
instruments are my favorite and recognizable. I’m impressed with the
talent these musicians have and that they make the music enjoyable. I
like the additional cymbals and their appearance. The piano made it
great too.

I think the instrumentals in this song are super fun and quirky and
really grab your attention as a listener and stand out from other music.
They sound like something from a Disney score (which is a compliment)
and I just think they're very fun !

I honestly like it. It gives off an old jazz vibe and the music is nice
and smooth to listen to. I love how its more up beat but its not harsh
on the ears or anything. It really gives me a New Orleans feeling.

The opening sounded like a marching band, but when the saxophone was
added it brought a new light to this musical piece which was pretty and
sweet. The piano was divine in this gorgeous ensemble. The overall
production was abstract and absolutely beautiful. I could listen to this
jazz piece over and over again.